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Auckland Electrical Limited

Keith Moyle started Namtech NZ LTD trading as Auckland Electrical in 1994 for a period of nine years until 2003 when the company was restructured to Auckland Electrical Limited.

Over the past twenty years Keith has developed Auckland Electrical Limited into a company that understands its customers' needs and delivers to the highest standards. This commitment to customer needs has ensured Auckland Electrical maintains excellent relationships with clients in the industrial, commercial and domestic sectors.

Job Tracking Systems

Auckland Electrical Limited

Auckland Electrical operates on a cloud based system allowing clients to log onto their own personal account.  This allows our clients to manage their accounts and projects in real time with visibility of both progress and cost.

Health and Safety


Auckland Electrical is committed to having the highest of standard in this important area of the day-to-day operation. To ensure this, we have a full time health safety manager and a comprehensive health and safety policy.


Auckland Electrical is committed to:

  • Responding to customer enquiries in a timely manner.
  • Maintaining a safe environment for customers when work is being conducted.
  • Complying with all regulatory requirements.
  • Ensuring all completed work is tested and safe.
  • Ensuring staff have adequate equipment and procedures to work safely.
  • Maintaining the competency and skill of our staff at the highest level.
  • Regularly auditing our staff to ensure compliance with company policies.
  • Ensuring our staff that are competent and skilled in carrying out the relevant activity.

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